procaina en terapia neural

Procaine in neural therapy

In neural therapy, the imperial medicine "procaine" is used in a diluted form, which never does any harm, and which is well received or accepted by the bodies or organisms of children, young people, adults, the elderly and pregnant women in any month of pregnancy or gestational age. In other words, it can be applied to all human beings, from birth to old age.

What is procaine

The procaine is a local anesthetic. which, when applied for therapeutic purposes, has become the most successful treatment worldwide.

Las The actions of procaine are innumerable in the organism, all of them beneficial, curative and without side effects

That's why the procaine in neural therapy is a very effective treatment. for diseases such as fibromyalgia.

How does procaine act in our body?

Procaine in our body acts as an "enzyme building element of the organism". Enzymes can be considered as "the beginning and the end" of all living organisms, "it is the vital energy". The composition, concatenation and duplication of amino acid chains that give rise to living organisms, we owe to enzymes, that is to say, that enzymes could be considered as "the source of life"..

An example of this we see frequently, as Dr. K. Ransberger puts it —si If we split or bite an appleit will become covered with a layer, increasingly brown, at the place where it was split or bitten. This process that we frequently see is caused, among other things, by enzymes in the immediate attempt to "close and heal" the large wound that was inflicted on the apple. This layer protects the inside of the apple so that it does not dry out or become infected by bacteria, molds and other hazards. Immediately below this protective brown layer that has closed the wound, continues the healing process by means of other enzymes suitable for this purpose - i.e. that the apple has self-healed.

Las The roles they play in keeping us healthy the stomach, liver, pancreas, intestine, lungs, blood, heart, bones, joints, head, muscles and our entire body; is not possible without the action of enzymes. which, in each cell, can number up to 500, and each of these 500 enzymes performs between 40,000 and 500,000 reactions per second.

If for some reason a disturbance were to occur in our nervous system (the nerve network), in the connective or conjunctive tissue (the pool in which all our cells swim), in the stability of cell membranes (depolarisation or hyperpolarisation), among other things, this infinite action that enzymes have in us could be interrupted, and it would cause "the body to complain or protest" to warn us that these disturbances are occurring, and it will do so as it knows how, causing pain and disease.

If there is a disturbance in our nervous systemin the connective or connective tissue, the infinite action of enzymes in us could be interrupted and cause the body to complain or protest, resulting in pain and disease.

Procaine in neural therapy allows the body to reactivate the altered functions of the nervous system, connective tissue, cell membranes and enzymes; in this way, it is possible for everything to return - through the body's own work - to normal, alleviating and curing many illnesses. We must bear in mind that most of the cells in our body have a bioelectric potential of -70mv (minus 70 millivolts).

When this bioelectric potential decreases, our cells become like a discharged car battery.which, no matter how hard you try, will not start. Procaine, being a 290mv "dielectric", recharges the cells and they can start, i.e. by repolarising or re-establishing the bioelectric potential or cellular electrical potential, procaine stabilises the cell membranes (the layers that envelop the cells), interrupts or eliminates the pathological or abnormal reflexes of the vegetative nervous system and reactivates it, i.e. it is a "dielectric", the body recovers the proper functioning of its nervous system, which directs and commands the activities and functioning of our organism.

In addition, it removes the interfering fields (it binds the wires), and the connective tissue resumes its normal activities, so that the wires are not damaged. pluripotent cells or stem cells remanufacture all the cellular elements of the cellular system.that the body needs for self-healing, (the doctor within us is awakened).

As soon as the procaine stabilises the depolarised cell membranes, the enzymes inside these cells are reactivated and are once again able to perform their functions properly.

procaina en terapia neural

Procaine in neural therapy and its benefits

The Procaine in neural therapy can decrease or destroy fibrosis and adhesions.If we continue with the previous example of fibrosis and adhesions, they prevent nerve synapses, i.e. nerve transmissions (they cut the wires). Fibrosis destabilises cell membranes and enzymes and other intracellular elements do not function properly within them.

With the appropriate and precise administration of procaine, the fibrosis is reduced or disappears, nerve communication returns, the potential of the cell membranes is restored by the di-electricity of the procaine and, inside them, the enzymes and other intracellular elements recover their functions; the body stops complaining, pains and illnesses diminish or disappear because he has regained his health

Procaine is an alcohol ester of para-amino-benzoic acid which, with the help of esterases (a class of enzymes),  after administration to patients, it unfolds or disintegrates within minutes and becomes an "intermediate link in the formation of folic acid".(Folic acid is given to pregnant women, so that the neural tube, from which their brain, spinal cord and entire nervous system will be formed, will develop properly in the child they are carrying.) Both para-amino benzoic acid and diethyl amino stenol are the antihistamine compounds of procaine, which are used as antihistamines that in a few minutes they will be eliminated from the body without causing any side effects and without causing any harm..

For all these reasons, the treatments performed with procaine in neural therapy do no harm and have no side effects, rather on the contrary, procaine, as I have just mentioned, is an excellent antihistamine, capable of eliminating allergiesProcaine in neural therapy, properly administered to patients, acts against sclerosis or abnormal stiffening of all tissues. 

With proper and precise administration of procaine, nerve communication is restored, cell membrane potential is restored, and all enzymes and intracellular elements regain their functions, the body stops complaining, pains and illnesses diminish or disappear

When connective tissue, for any reason, increases more than normal, it can cause stiffening of any part of the body and lead to pain or disease. With the neural therapy treatmentsit is possible for the connective tissue to return to normal.Procaine is also an excellent vasodilator. If, for various reasons, a person suffers vasoconstriction, i.e. the muscle fibres in the blood vessels contract and become smaller in size, this could lead to pain or illness, because reduced circulation leads to a reduction in oxygen and nutrients, and the body will cause pain or illness to communicate this abnormality.

Procaine also acts on the vegetative vascular nervous system, i.e. on the nervi nervorum, i.e. the nerves in the blood vessels, which are responsible for telling the muscles in these vessels to contract or dilate. Procaine - I say - thanks to its electrical charge of 290 mv, repolarises the nervous system of the vessels and they revert this vasoconstriction (contracted circulation) to vasodilatation (normal circulation). and in this way the body will receive sufficient blood, oxygen, water, nutrients and stop complaining.

Procaine eliminates pathological reactions caused by organic and psychological stress. The organism is under stress when one of its parts is affected, which could lead to pain or illness, and if this is the case, the body is under stress. If it lasts for a long time, it could lead the organism to a state of organic stress, which could also lead to psychological stress..

que es la procaina en terapia neural

Procaine is the best therapy for pain and disease, because it allows the body to respond with a soothing, relaxing action and with an excellent beneficial effect on the central, peripheral and vegetative nervous changing its sick state to a physiological, i.e. normal, functional state.

The Procaine is excellent for joints, ligaments and muscles.In addition to all the benefits I have mentioned, procaine allows the connective tissue to regain its regenerative state and restore the joints, ligaments and muscles to their ability to maintain homeostasis in good condition, and these parts of the body are regenerated, relieved and healed.

The Procaine is good for the heart, the blood, for the functions of various devices and systems such as genitourinary, gastrointestinal, respiratory, lymphatic, neurological, skeletal, cardiological, etc. Procaine has a major influence on the production and secretion of hormones and enzymes. It has immense benefits for the muscles. It improves the general condition of the patient by a series of intercalated cellular, neuronal and organic functions with the consequent repolarisation of its bioelectrical potential, improving metabolism and cellular respiration This interrupts the damaging reflex arc and restores health.

In over 40,000 patients who have given me the opportunity to treat them, there have never been any side effects from procaine.

In more than 40,000 patients who have given me the opportunity to treat themthere have never been any side effects. I have never seen any allergic reactions, even in those patients who are allergic to other kinds of local anaesthetics.

I remember a patient who came from the Netherlands to be treated in my office, she brought with her a placard with an inscription that read - I am allergic to local anaesthetics. She told me that she had received local anaesthetics on three occasions. On two of these three occasions was admitted to intensive care because of a severe allergic reaction. caused by local anaesthetics.

However, with the procaine, and after allergy testing, she had no allergic reaction, and I certainly gave her some treatments, with the great satisfaction that she was able to return to her country in good health.

In view of the above, the procaine treatments in neural therapy never do any harm, have no side effects and are all health benefits.because we manage to give the body that little push or nudge, or that spark that provokes the self-healing reaction of the organism. These characteristics of neural therapy make it the best biological medicine.

It is not a panacea, but you can ask for more! Of course you can, when something better than neural therapy is discovered. With the knowledge we have as doctors, plus the scientific knowledge about the innumerable benefits we get from procaine, plus the knowledge we have from the medical speciality of neural therapy which, at present, is the only scientific medicine that uses procaine properly with its more than 200 medical-scientific techniques and, with all this, we will be able to find something better, we can relieve and cure 87% of fibromyalgia patients and many others who suffer, suffer and despair at not finding a solution to their various pains and illnesses.many of which are "apparently" incurable.     

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