que es la terapia neural

What is neural therapy?

Neural therapy focuses on the treatment of disorders by regulation of the autonomic nervous system Relief and healing of all types of pain or disease is possible with neural therapy, "pain therapy" without drugs. It is the result of research by several Nobel laureates and world-renowned physiologists.

It is based on the fact that health problems can be related to the presence of "interference" in the nervous system, which can manifest as areas of irritation or blockage in the nerves. Therefore, by restoring the normal function of the nervous system, health conditions improve.

What is the neural therapy

With neural therapy we stimulate all the actions that the body itself possesses to heal itself, in other words: the body of each patient has the capacity to defend itself, to heal itself, to stay healthy.

This is to maintain your circulation, your breathing, your joints, your spine, your bones, your digestive system, your hormones, your head, your eyes, your ears, your heart, your liver, your menstruation, your prostate, your defenses, your muscles, your emotional state and all the parts of your body healthy.

That's to say, maintaining homeostasis, which are all the activities that the body performs on its own to remain healthy.but sometimes pain or illness comes because some of these activities are not working well, then, the neural therapy can correct this "failure" and restore health.

que es terapia neural

And how does it do it?

Our body is made up entirely of connective tissue, which is the pool in which each and every one of our cells swim, that is, the skin is connective tissue with skin cells, the heart is connective tissue with cardiac cells, the bones are connective tissue with bone cells and so all the parts of our body. Now, among the cells is our nervous system, forming a huge network interconnected with each other, and interconnecting with each and every part of the body

Let's make this clear: let's imagine a gigantic swimming pool in which millions of people are immersed, each one of them fulfilling the function entrusted to them; thus, architects doing their job, lawyers doing theirs, doctors, bricklayers, students, electricians, etc., all doing their jobs to keep the body well. 

But in addition, each and every one of these people, who represent our cells, are holding hands, forming an immense network, just like the nervous system that is interconnecting all the parts of our organism. What happens if some of these people let go of each other's hands? Communication would be interrupted, appearing PAINS AND DISEASES due to the fact that the nervous system would be interrupted.which is responsible for the cells, tissues, organs and systems to function properly, they can no longer do so because they are DISCONNECTED (hands were released). With Neural Therapy we can reconnect them and achieve relief or healing of most pains and diseases.

Our body acts by action reflects as explained by Nobel laureate Pavlovthat is to say, when a part of the body has been DISCONNECTED it produces an alteration not precisely in the disconnected place but another place of the body is damaged. Let me give you a simple example: if you have a lamp with its light bulb on and the light cable is connected to the electric network and we cut the cable somewhere, the light goes out, if you want the light to come back, you will have to find the place of the cable where it was DISCONNECTED AND CONNECT IT (because this is the real reason and the place where the evil, the illness is) it will be useless to change the lamp or the bulb because the damage is not there, even if that is the place where the pain or the illness appears. 

That is, the cut wire is the cause of the disease, but here it does not hurt and the place in the body where the light is turned off is the one that manifests itself with pain and disease. With Neural Therapy we connect or unite the cut wire, which is the real sick spot.turning on the light and, therefore, curing the place of the body where the pain or disease appears. This is one of the main reasons why conventional medicine cannot cure so many pains and diseases, since they always try to repair the "lamp or the bulb" which is the place where the patient manifests his condition, when the real cause of the disease is in "the cut wire".

With Neural Therapy we connect or join the cut wire, which is the real sick place, turning on the light and, therefore, healing the place of the body where the pain or disease appears.

In medicine, with notable exceptions, treatments are usually performed as follows.Let's assume the case that patients have pain in their shoulder, they want to treat their shoulder. In other words, the medical history, physical examination, radiological studies and other analyses will be performed on the site of the pain, and the treatment will probably be directed to the shoulder. The same thing can happen in the case of muscular pain, the medical action will be directed almost exclusively on those painful muscles; if a joint hurts, the treatment will be directed towards that joint, and in this way most pain or illnesses will be treated.

Patients treated in this manner, there is little chance of relief or cure because, "in more than 70% of cases", the cause of the pain or disease (the interfering field) is in a different location than the pain or disease.However, in a low percentage of patients, it is possible that the damage is located in the lamp or bulb and there is no cut wire, that is, the damage that causes pain or disease, is located in the same place of the body where the pain or disease manifests itself. So, in this case, by acting on the site of the pain or disease, there is the possibility of achieving relief and/or healing.

Unfortunately, this only occurs in 20% to 30% of patients with pain or illnesses, the rest of the patients, the remaining 70% of patients are listed as chronic and/or incurable! And to ingest, probably, many drugs.

The functioning by "reflex action" of our organism, is something that all doctors know, because it was discovered many years ago by Nobel Prize-winning doctors.

This nervous network is the one that performs all the activities that the body needs for self-healing, there is no activity performed in the human being that is unknown to the nervous system and connective tissue. The treatments correctly performed by expert physicians in neural therapy, are responded favorably by the NEUROVEGETATIVE (the nervous network) THROUGH WHICH THE PATHWAYS THAT LEAD TO HEALING RUN.

THIS SCIENTIFIC MEDICINE never does any harm.it has no side effects as long as it is properly performed by a professional. physician specializing in Neural TherapyThe treatments of this medicine are always well received by any human being, whether they are children, young, old or pregnant, regardless of the age of gestation. In my practice, almost every week, several doctors from different parts of Spain are treated with Neural Therapy.

All this, which may seem incredible to you, is achieved thanks to procaine in very low dilutions. 90 years ago, German doctors named it The IMPERIAL MEDICINE and that is how it was accepted by the social security in Germany. The Procaine was discovered 110 years ago as a local anesthetic. that did not serve to anesthetize (that is why it is not used in medicine for such purposes), but it gave the neurovegetative (our nervous network) the push to perform the function it was entrusted with, to keep the body healthy.

Just to make a comparison. When a person receives a vaccine, a virus is introduced, this causes the body to react immediately by forming antibodies to fight that virus which is an infectious agent that has just entered your body. In a similar way when the patient receives the action of diluted procaine, the body sets in motion all the faculties it has for self-healing. and this is how we can relieve and cure most pains and illnesses and it does no harm because it is the body itself that does all the work and it is not meant to hurt itself.

When I see each of my patients in my office, my main concern is to understand what happened to the patient's body so that his/her own body "screams" through pain or illness!

When I see each of my patients in my office, my main concern is to understand what happened to the patient's body so that his/her own body "screams" through pain or illness!

This question I am asking myself is extremely useful for to achieve treatment effectiveness and, in this way, obtain the consequent relief and cure of many pains and illnesses.

And how I come to understand, what happened to my patients' bodies to trigger the pain or illness?

In neural therapy we achieve this through the biological clinical history, asking chronologically, all those "events" that happened to them in the course of life and that many of them usually go unnoticed, especially because we believe that this is not important. But it is not so, many times they can be vital.

All those blows, wounds, burns, abscesses, eczema, infections, inflammations, surgeries, complicated births, fractures, contractures, scars, bites, scratches, lacerations, allergies, dental conditions, emotional traumas that end up altering the homeostasis and, in addition, by a number of "events", that we could have happened at any time in our lives and in any part or organ of our body..

It is also possible that our body does not function properly, because there are altered nerve centers, uncoordinated with the nerves of the rest of the body and need to be stimulated to reactivate and coordinate them again. Or as we would say infor tures, contractures, scars, bites, scratches, lacerations, allergies, need to be reset and this can be achieved through more than 200 medical-scientific techniques that neural therapy has for their treatments.

The Neural Therapy is a medicine that should be learned and practiced by all physicians of all specialties.Why? Because there is no field of medicine that does not benefit from this scientific medicine.

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