procaina terapia neural

What do we use in Neural Therapy for treatments?

All of this, which may seem incredible to you, was achieved thanks to the procaine in very low dilutions..

NEURAL THERAPY with procaine

90 years ago, German doctors named it "the imperial drug". to the procaine and, for more than 60 years, it has been accepted and subsidized by the German social security system.

The imperial drug name is due to the fact that it is the only thing, exclusively, that we use when we make neural therapyNo other drug has yet been discovered that is capable of eliminating the interfering fields (joining the cut wires), and giving the organism the indispensable push or energy that allows it to reactivate the lost electrical potential and, in this way, that it can once again carry out all the activities necessary for the body to function. to recover the altered homeostasis, and return to health.

procaina en terapia neural

And how does procaine work?

The procaine was discovered almost 110 years ago as a "local anesthetic".This anesthetic turned out to be weak and very labile, for this reason it is not suitable for anesthesia (that is why it is not used in medicine for such purposes), but the German scientists discovered that it gave the neurovegetative (our nervous network), the "safe and necessary energetic spark" to perform the function it was entrusted with, to keep our body healthy.

I will make a comparison using the previous example of vaccines: when a person receives a vaccine, he/she is introduced to a virus/s, this makes the body react immediately by manufacturing antibodies, i.e., defenses to fight that virus which is an infectious agent that has just entered his/her body. In a similar way, when the patient receives the action of diluted procaine in the exact siteat the place where the nervous disconnection occurred, (the cut cable) then, and only then, the body sets in motion all the faculties it has to heal itself.

Due to the fact that procaine has an electrical potential higher than that of our cells, it corrects the damaged electrical potential.The body itself seeks relief and healing for most pains and illnesses by eliminating the interfering field (joining the cut wires).

The neural therapy using procaine does no harm, because it is the body itself that does all the work and it is not meant to harm itself. This makes him a true biological medicine..

Attention, It is unbelievable that there are doctors and non-doctors who are using these treatments without having completed the corresponding specialty.logically, they do not achieve the high percentages of good results that those of us who have specialized in neural therapy achieve and, rather, they could make many mistakes that would be detrimental to the health of patients.

Another example that may clarify the action of procaine is what I explained in the previous paragraphs about homeostasis. when we cut, injure, burn or lose part of our skin and muscle, blood vessels and even many nerve branches.The doctor, the nurse or we ourselves do nothing but take care of these lesions so that they do not become infected, but who closes the wound, who makes the flesh or the skin of this lesion grow, who elaborates or manufactures and channels the new network of blood vessels and the new nerve network? "Only the body can do it", because it is the one that is able to manufacture cells, blood, hormones, etc., and it is the only one that can do it. and everything that is necessary for self-healing.

Neural therapy with procaine does no harm, because it is the body itself that does all the work and the is not made to hurt itselfmaking it a authentic biological medicine.

In the case of fractures, whether they are large or small, we can be put in plaster or screws, but it is the mechanisms that we have in our body that "weld" the bone, what doctors call "bone callus", which is the growth of bone cells around the fracture that consolidates (welds) the fracture. In other words, only the body itself has the capacity to produce cells of any kind.of any organ and any part of the body to correct injuries, pains and diseases.

When I tell you that it is very important to take the biological medical history of each patient in order to know the possible "cut wires" or interfering fields, it is because all these "events" could have left visible or invisible scars.The scars left microscopic or macroscopic fibrosis or adhesions, and these are responsible for preventing both the cells and the nervous system from returning to their normal state and, therefore, create or "manufacture" the interfering fields.

An example of this can be seen when physicians and surgeons give them tell patients that the surgeries have gone very well, but that fibrosis or adhesions are to blame for the patient's failure to improve.or when the patients after the surgeries are fine but soon or in the medium term return with pain and often worse than before. This, very often, is due to fibrosis or superficial or deep adhesions left by those surgeries or any other event they may have suffered in the course of life.

We must bear in mind that in every injury or surgery we cut millions of cells with their respective nerves and blood vessels, then these wounds must be sutured or stitched or simply left to close on their own; but, whatever the injury, the body in its eagerness to close the wound will cause fibrosis or adhesions. which, on many occasions, would contribute to or be the cause of maintaining pain or illness.

procaina y terapia neural

It is also very common that we, the neural therapist doctors, see and verify that these fibrosis have triggered another or other types of pain or diseases in different or distant places to the fibrosed wound, because these fibrosis create interfering fields (leave the wires cut) and the nerve connections are interrupted, there is not enough blood supply in these areas, the electrical potential of the cells is altered and the body will complain with pain and/or diseases to warn us that it is disconnected.

But by reflex action, in 70% of the times, these interfering fields are the cause of pain and diseases in other parts of the body and, these are other reasons why those who do not know neural therapy become incurably ill.

Neural therapy, perfectly carried out by a doctor specialised in this medicine and by the action and proper use of procaine, is able to get the body to properly regenerate these cells. This is because fibrosis and adhesions can be reduced or eliminated, the electrical potential of the cells returns to normal, the nervous system, which was disconnected, is able to reconnect and/or regenerate, and the pain and illnesses are reduced or disappear.

Neural therapy, perfectly carried out by a doctor specialised in this medicine, and by the action and proper use of procaine, is able to achieve that the body to properly regenerate these cells.

As long as these and many other aspects of our patients' lives are not taken into account, it is difficult to achieve cures that become incurable!for those who do not know this part of medicine, or for those who know all these situations, but do not know how to solve them.

About three years ago a German patient came to my practice who had undergone a perfectly performed surgery on her right ankle. After the surgery the patient improved relatively well, but then relapsed into a constant pain that prevented her from walking, she could not drive her car or her bicycle, nor could she swim, sleep or rest properly.

Her trauma surgeon asked the patient's insurance company to find a doctor who knows how to treat the vegetative nervous system. The insurance company contacted the Malaga Medical Association and they advised them to send the patient to my practice. 

If the surgery was well performed, why wasn't he cured? In this case, the fibrosis left by the surgery prevented adequate relief. I treated the patient with neural therapy techniques and in a short time the patient recovered her health, is no longer in pain and is living a normal life..

This is what we achieve with the more than 200 medico-scientific techniques The action of procaine, which triggers all the mechanisms the body possesses to relieve and heal itself, is the result of neural therapy.

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